Retirement Weekly (MarketWatch)

Newsletter Review Score:  55/100

This newsletter by Robert Powell is for people who are retired or about to retire.  In face, the service breaks down the readers into two categories… those who are already retired, and those who are 5-10 years away.  I had hoped that this newsletter would be more about which stocks to buy, in order to save and earn dividends in retirement, to augment my income, but unfortunately, it really isn’t.

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Instead, this newsletter is primarily about taxes, estate planning, health care and insurance.  While that type of advice is very important to retirees, I don’t see why it requires a subscription-based service.   I could easily have read some books on planning for retirement, and would learn what I need to know about how to retire comfortably.

One of the claims of the newsletter is that it will help you take very little risk, and build an income producing portfolio that can help support you in retirement.  I agree that this is a fantastic idea, and very important strategy for those who are about to stop working.   Indeed, Mr Powell is a qualified expert.

The cost of the Retirement Weekly newsletter is only $49 per year.   Obviously, the information in the publication is not time sensitive, and its definitely not anything that you would be willing to pay MORE than $49 a year for.

Based on the points above, if you are heading into retirement, you might want to spend $49 on this newsletter.  However, if you are trying to build your portfolio, and make maximum gains with timely information, you need a different newsletter service.

See how Retirement Weekly compared to other top Newsletters

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